State Terror

from by Not A Cost

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Proxy Wars / Death of thousands.
Who's the real terrorist?
Destabilize / Left to run.
Human life means nothing to them.

Invasion forces / Crippling foreign nations.
Policing their borders / Terror propaganda
Civilians to insurgence / Creating reasons to decimate.
Destabilize / Poverty creators.

Maintaining your supremacy through grotesque acts of violence.
Patronizing your actors through glorification of military action.

They teach you from an early age to equate monetary gain with the importance of human life. An important tactic in telling you when it's ok to hurt - and when to be hurt. The difference between Western Nations' invading forces and the backlash of the oppressed is they will tell what is truly evil.

Proxy wars / Choosing sides.
For corporate interest.
Violent backlash / Demonize.

Terror is the conquest of North America - unfathomable from the very start. From the colonization of the indigenous nations to the slave trade that built these countries. Terror is Murder and rape in Vietnam and death squads in Indonesia, wiping out any condition of thought incongruent with the capitalist agenda.

Bodies stacked high / Your cruel victory.
With god on your side / Set them free from tyranny.

With all the violence that they perpetrate, they define acts of terror as they see fit. As long as it creates social and economical divisions, to increase phobias contributing to the manipulation of peoples minds. Turning fears into targets.

Decimating culture / Separation of families.
Creation of slums / Policing their borders.
This is terrorism.

Designating individuals by ethnicity as the threat.
Profiling and immobilizing individuals using violence as an excuse.

Invasion forces (across the globe).
Creating decimation (it's all a lie).
Crippling nations (toppling regimes).
Destabilize (left to run).
Policing borders (fuck the police).
Poverty creators (know they're scum).
Terror propaganda (in your mind).
Civilians to insurgence (against imperialism).

Terror is woven in the fabric of North America.
Terror is their Imperialist expansion.
Terror is the violence it takes to maintain capitalism.

Connect the dots.
Between the lines.
Weed out the lies.
We know their face.


from NOT A COST, released May 29, 2017




Not A Cost

Anti-colonial, Anarchist, crust/punk from un-ceded lekwungen territories on occupied turtle island.

Music to entice the collapse of civilization.

All artwork by Matt Sydney.
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