Branches EP

by Not A Cost

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released June 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Not A Cost

Anti-colonial, Anarchist, crust/punk from un-ceded lekwungen territories on occupied turtle island.

Music to entice the collapse of civilization.

All artwork by Matt Sydney.
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Track Name: Consumption Corral
lethargy and voracity
destructive luxuries
apathy is kept
by force and privilege

consumption corral
cuffs freedom down

it's the end of the world and I am privileged
I don’t have to listen
I don’t have to see
all of the brutality
I don’t have to breathe
I don’t have to eat
all of the toxins
I don’t have to fucking think

resource extraction continues stead-fast at an alarming rate
we’re pushing far past the earth’s carrying capacity can tolerate
i don’t have to fucking think
mountains leveled to build fucking roads
we’ve got axes for trees and salt for snow
we’re fracking now to see how far this can go
i don’t have to fucking think

boredom and narcissism
fleeting luxuries
ignorance is held
by force and privilege
Track Name: No Gods, No Masters (Orange Coyote)
Away with your gods
and their control
for our minds are not yours
for their hands to mold

away with your masters
and their wealth
for they're not in the interest of the people
or their health

but in the interest of the power that they grant themselves

severed heads of state will roll
for the violence and crimes of capital

it's the power they grant themselves
Track Name: Not A Cost
You call women poor
just to take their children away
you call people week
just to take control of their future
this violence will not be forgiven nor forgotten
of all the women coerced into sterilization
of all who've been brutalized by a violent state
and now are the survivors of psychopathic quest for elitist eugenics

fuck the state

this is the violence it takes to turn humans to cogs
to oppress people to become cheep labor for industry
when the mechanisms of degenerative profit mean
that it's cheaper to exploit the bodies of women then it is to have people raise their children lives are not a cost

lives are not a cost

the state can sterilize itself
and stay the fuck away from all bodies
Track Name: In Death
functioning in a fucked up world

laying down arms before they can get stronger

taking everything that you can

it's all fine
sick lies
ego bars collective mind

how many walls have been built to separate one from another?
we lay our own bricks all the fucking time

in death
you're useless

no mind and no body is above another
lets get the fuck over ourselves and start building something real

the concept of the individual and the role of the ego in disconnection and abstraction from responsibility and accountability have for centuries been critiqued as institutional tools seeded by and for colonial capitalist conquest
these institutions thrive on immobilization, let's take back our health as we tear down these prisons

every song of resistance
every seed of regeneration
every molotov of restoration freedom will generate
Track Name: Corneal Dystrophy
your freedom is lost
with thunderous applause
fight for your right
to be enslaved

you stubborn bastards
cannot see
your own
corneal dystrophy

has taken away your ability to let you see what makes you free
drown yourself in ignorance, but has it truly brought you bliss?
has it brought you bliss?

fight for your right to be enslaved
it's the sheep mentality that you crave

the system fought for
life sought after
is what holds your head
beneath water

scarf the working class fodder
you're possessed prepped ready for the slaughter

after all thats said, I just can't
how many are fucked in the head
how you can all be so easily lead

propaganda, twisted truths
become the lies you've construed
how you feel and what you think
is just a facade to make you sink
to the gutter, to the brink of poverty
and the rot of society
Track Name: Branches
It takes so much strength
to find freedom in a world controlled
to feel at ease as the sirens wail
to be happy as the violence ensues
as capitalism claims another carcass
from the bones of another body gone bust
a blackberry bush takes over
feeding the revolutionaries
and spreading its branches...

mass alienation
stress anxiety
brought by usurping governance scum
colonial nation states
exploitative dysfunction
systematic discourse of industrialism

earths bleeding corpse
could feel no deeper contempt
this civilization
knows no impunity

natural systems won't carry industrialism
we cant sustain existence through this western vision
there is no hope in reform
create and destroy

behind all this shiny plastic I see fucking filth
and the poor just drown in the rot of todays empires
Ill no longer starve to feed the top of the pyramid
I will feast with the berries that contend against the concrete

spreading its branches
across the shattered cement