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Choking the old growth, the national forests.
Delicate waterways, ancient homes.
Millions of acres like air raid zones.


Raining down glyphosate, rolling mists, through the forest.
Slash and burn, deeper through the forests.
Indigenous people displaced at the hands of state oppressors.
Class war casualties / Cocoa spraying programs exist to appease
United States drug war / And anti-communist sentiments.
Indigenous and settler dissent.
Carcinogens consume bodies causing sickness, miscarriage - plagued with toxins.

Indigenous people suffer for poisoned air and food sources,
From chemical sprays that decimate plant and animal systems.

Bullets fly from F.A.R.C. forces in retaliation.
Amidst depleted food sources, toxic plumes in the wind.

Careless, senseless, killer spraying.
Careless, senseless, gas attacks.

Bullets fly from F.A.R.C. and guerrilla forces in retaliation
Against the racist state sentiments that uphold and enforce the death gassings. "La Violencia" continues, sectarian conflict amidst a thick air of poison descending in Colombia.

Careless, senseless, killer spraying.
Careless, senseless, gas attacks.


from NOT A COST, released May 29, 2017




Not A Cost

Anti-colonial, Anarchist, crust/punk from un-ceded lekwungen territories on occupied turtle island.

Music to entice the collapse of civilization.

All artwork by Matt Sydney.

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